We Walworth set out to mobilise our community to take action on local issues.

We aimed to build stronger links between central government, local government, and residents in our neighbourhood. We wanted to build new ways of working, and to learn how to do things differently.

This work was part of a long-term ambition to tackle underlying inequalities and to try to build neighbourhood partnerships that can create meaningful, lasting change. 

Challenge 2

East Street Market

Over 1000 conversations in the local area showed how much people loved and cherished East Street Market. Our Working Group of local residents, traders, council and government staff and local organisations, worked for 10 weeks to co-produce a vision to bring about an East St Market revival, restoring the market to the thriving community hub it once was.

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Challenge 1

Burgess Park BBQs 

Through our Neighborhood Gathering events, and hundreds of on-street conversations, the closed BBQs in Burgess Park emerged as an area of great concern for some local communities, for whom the BBQs were at the centre of social life. Our cross-sector working group got under the skin of the challenge and built a vision for the future of the BBQs and outdoor eating in Southwark.

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Learning Out Loud

Trying to find new ways of working - it is not all plain sailing! We shared all our learning, and have tried to be as transparent as possible about the challenges we encountered. You can follow the whole journey, read an independent evaluation report, and our core team’s 10 points of learning on what we got wrong (and what we got right!)

2024 and beyond

Building a team of neighbourhood leaders

Work continues to embed the legacy of We Walworth in the neighbourhood. We’re working to build a team of local leaders ready to take on the next neighbourhood challenge in 2024! Check out this page for details of our 2024 training programme, How-to Guides, and other latest news.